At Agami, we are a team of curators and weavers excited about the possibilities the field of justice has for reimagining the idea of a 'just' world. If you would like to use your creativity and skills to build this field, with incredible entrepreneurs and innovators who are advancing ideas that serve justice, you should join us.

Job role: As a Weaver for our work on enabling learnings for the field, you will be involved in creatively thinking, designing and executing, learning journeys for core capacities that leaders today need to take their work to the next level. This will also entail work to build the community of Justicemakers that Agami engages with through its various initiatives including the Agami Summit and Agamishaala. To strategise effectively, a part of this Weaving role will be to track and measure the progress Agami is making through its field building work and communicating it effectively.

Skills and experience: This role is ideal for someone who is curious and seeking to learn and grow themselves as a changemaker. And has strong creative thinking, operational and communication skills. Any experience that speaks to the same, would be useful. Candidates from all fields, including, literature, arts, design and the law, are encouraged to apply.

What is critical: We are a team that practises simple values: courage, responsibility and authenticity. Along with this, all of us have a keen desire to learn and grow, explore the unexplored and constantly hold ourselves accountable to the best we can make possible. We are all leaders and followers in different situations and only if this dynamic way of learning, working and growing excites you, should you consider applying. We are also fun loving and food loving.

About Agami

Agami is a movement of people and ideas intent on transforming the experience of justice in India. By listening, connecting, rallying collective action, building public goods, making visible and and unleashing a new kind of collective leadership, Agami has catalyzed innovation in vital areas in law and justice such as Online Dispute Resolution, Digital Courts, the use of AI, and the creation and sharing ofdata. At the heart of Agami is a quest to enable every citizen to participate in creating a more just society.